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D12 x 6 Light Fixture2019-02-25T20:54:16-07:00

Project Description

D12 x 6 Light Fixture

This is a 6 channel X 12 T-12 LED Light Fixture. 2 T-12 LED Lights per channel.
Fixture is DMX addressable, or can be set to 000 and operate from the individual 6 switches on the back of the fixtures.

  • Requires 110VAC input. Also 5 pin DMX if operating from a lighting console.
  • No additional external dimming necessary for operating, just Data signal via 5 pin DMX and Hot 110VAC Edison power.

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D12 x 6 Gen 3 Specs – DAYLIGHT
D12 x 6 Gen 3 Specs – TUNGSTEN
D12 x 6 Gen 2 Specs – DAYLIGHT
D12 x 6 Gen 2 Specs – TUNGSTEN