Project Description

Addressable Color RGBAW LED Tubes

2, 4 and 8 foot

(actual lengths, 2’= 29 3/8”, 4’= 47 ¾ “)

  • Individually addressable RGBAW LED T-12 Light Tubes.
  • 110-220 V and can be used anywhere!
  • Profile for set up on high end lighting consoles is; Generic RGBAW 8 bit. This will match up Color tubes with the existing Color Picker/Color programs libraries and indexes.
  • Or can be used on conventional lighting/dimming consoles 5 channels per Tube; Ch#1 Red, Ch#2 Green, Ch#3 Blue, Ch#4 Amber, Ch#5 White.
  • Each Color tube requires a 110VAC power input, and Data signal via DMX Micro USB. Also for the First Color Tube in the Data run the Tube will require a 5 pin DMX to Micro USB connector. DMX signal can then be jumped via Micro USB jumper cables for Approximately 25 Color Tubes, however each tube Still requires 110VAC individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are tubes not reacting at all when introduced to DMX?

Answer: Start with unplugging and re-plugging the data stream to the tube. If this doesn’t work you may need to unplug both power and data, then re-plug with the power first and data second.

Question: Why are tubes reacting to data but freezing up after short periods of use?

Answer: You may need to slow the actual data speed being sent from the lighting console.


601 – Red
602 – Green
603 – Blue
604 – Amber
605 – White
606 -Pulse Effect RGBAW

– Police Light
– Fire effect
And or many more