Authorized Distributors

Contact our offices, or Unique Producers to rent our equipment, or contact Wamco to purchase Colt LED lights for your next shoot and learn why Colt LED is revolutionizing what lights are capable of.


Wamco is an official distributor of Colt LED Lighting solutions. Contact Dan Lenihan today, about purchasing our products!

Dan Lenihan, Wamco
Stage and Studio Sales Manager
(714) 545-5560


No matter where your project takes you, we rent our Colt LED lighting products worldwide. Contact Us today for a quote.

Phone: (800) 576-3607
Fax: (661) 775-5998


For rentals specific to the Florida area, please Contact Unique Producers Service. They specialize in handling lighting projects and production in that area.

Phone: (305) 681-7627
Fax: (305) 687-4717